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Empteezy achieves industry first as its safety tank shower qualifies to meet two international standards

Spill containment and spill control industry expert Empteezy has proof positive from three independent tests that its emergency tank shower (SE-VTS-1 tank shower) meets the rigorous standards set out by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the three European Standardisation Organisations (CEN, CENELEC, ETSI).

Instead of simply going through a process of self-certification, Empteezy, which recently celebrated its 30th anniversary, has truly gone the extra mile and elected to have its tank shower undergo three independent tests to prove its compliance to international standards. Continue reading...

DENIOS presents the new 2014 catalogue with 32 additional pages of innovative products

UnknownIn 1986 companies all around the world began to realise the importance of environmental protection and safety. It was in this year that DENIOS was created with a mission to offer products that merge workplace safety with the protection of the environment.

What began with simple spill pallets and storage containers has evolved at an impressive speed.  Customer requirements have become more demanding and so have the legal requirements and recommendations. Continue reading...

Successful Fair Conclusion

DENIOS UK were extremely satisfied with the results of The Safety & Health Expo once again. The specialist for hazardous materials storage solutions persuaded its visitors with a successful product mix around all areas of environmental protection including sumps, emergency spill kits and absorbents.

The DENIOS stand also saw the introduction of The VARIO – Flow Gap workstation which, thanks to its extraction capacity in comparison to traditional fume cupboards, can achieve significant Continue reading...

Transport, logistics & spill prevention

The fact that transport related spills can occur almost anywhere, (In the depot, at the customer’s yard, from loads in transit and not forgetting leaks from the vehicles themselves) makes understanding the risk and preparing for incidents very important.

The Environment Agency recorded over 500 incidents in England and Wales involving transport, cargo, storage and distribution during 2009 with environmental pollution (which is a criminal offence even if it is as a result of accidental release) incidents resulting in many cases. Continue reading...

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